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Monday, September 28, 2009

Join me in the middle of ecstasy

by Thobile Memela

RU Scandalous? Well brace yourself for much more enthusiasm, laughter, and intellectuality. If you are fascinated by life, humans, politics, the world of journalism, settle down and tighten your seat; you are in good hands. This blogger is fascinated by all of the above. I am an opinionated, reliable, sociable, tolerant, suspicious freak with a harsh sense of humour; you have to be really funny to make me laugh. As it has been mentioned above, this blogger focuses mainly on politics specially looking at government service and the delivery system and how much progress (if any) has been achieved, everyday life, and features and there is a wide perspective of the media world and how it operates. It aims at fascinated individuals like you who are ambitious, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and opinionated who have the potential to change the world around them. I trust you so much that I know that you are aware of the world around you and you have the ability to create something new that will improve the society around you.It really bothers me when people recognise that you have just been involved in a car accident and they will ask, ‘are you alright’? Yes. Fine thanks, I’ll just pick up my separate limbs and be off for the family picnic. Gosh! Give me a break. (Facebook, 2009-09-27) Why are laughing? I just proved my point so you are scandalous; trust me you want more of this, be dazzled and wait for it...here.This group blog consist of five different individuals, with different inspirations and motivations of living. Each of us has a different view of the world. In addition, we do not have a sceptical agenda of our blog but we share the interest of journalism, our occupations as journalism students and considering our age group, young adults we are all fascinated by current issues facing the youth and the world at large. News, Social issues that might include parenting, academic life, adulthood and so forth. The most interesting thing about this group blog is the fact that it focuses on relevant issues that are trendy, sophisticating and are part of student lives at tertiary institution. Not do we only care so much about the world around us but we also like to have fun, looking at the latest trends in fashion, music, videos, celeb gossip, film, and random gossip. Recent news and events around campus we cannot stay and ignore this because it has become part of our lives. We all aspire true meaning of life (if life does have meaning on its own), how we ought to live in such a perpetuated world with cultural differences surrounding us, under such circumstances (economic crisis, global warming).